Welcome to Homesteading for women’s Big Cedar Journals!

Hi Michelle here, I’m the writer and creator behind this blog curtain. We’re so happy you stopped by.

If you’re a fan of my main blog homesteadingforwomen.com then you know me already. If not then then let me tell you a little bit about me, but first.

Why on earth would I want to start yet another blog?

Well this is more of a Shop. A place for me to share my latest creations with you. The idea for this site was in the makings for a long time, you see I’ll let you in on a little secret…I am a planner and journal addict.

I have 5 opened up on my desk right now. I love writing and creating them for my various projects. Journals and Planners are what have always been behind my successful businesses over the years.

You should have seen the one I had for my commercial cricket biz! It was so helpful when I would get stuck and see that my production was down. All I had to do was to look at what I was actually doing in my planner and then I would see a pattern of my slacking off, thus lead to my income going down.

Now If I didn’t have that in place I would scrabble around wondering what was killing off my bugs. But in reality it was just my laziness. 😉

I’ve created several over the years giving them all away to my subscribers, but I decided this year to create a whole website full of my little creations for everyone to enjoy and they are now going to be all in one place. For easy access.

So grab a cup of coffee and browse around for a bit, we are adding to the site every week and be sure before you leave to sign up for my newsletter and get my special gift for signing up, that way you’ll be the first to hear about new items and special sales I’ll be having throughout the year.

With Love,

Michelle 🙂


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